Advance Transformer


Although its brand has been adapted to Philips Lighting Electronics North America, Advance Transformer Co. has been designing, manufacturing, and shipping ballasts and transformers effectively since 1945. In 1959, their strength as a company and customer market merely grew as an affiliation between Philips and Advance Transformer emerged. Only one of six companies to manufacture ballasts, Advance Transformer has proved itself a success within the industrial manufacturing world. Still thriving to this day, Advance Transformer’s number one priority is to supply its customers with unbeatable, efficient, and advanced lighting electronics.

  • Industry: Advance Transformer offers its products to varying industries within the ODM/OEM and lighting field, including commercial businesses, electrical distributors, contractors, and manufacturers, and many more.
  • Website:
  • Phone: 847-390-5000
  • Headquarters: Rosemont, IL
  • Year Founded: 1945

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